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Strenuous activities cause traffic jam in the Carpal Tunnel

When John, a resident of Los Lunas, New Mexico, started losing his ability to grip things with his right hand, he knew it was time to do something.

A 72-year-old retired facilities manager, John had competed in racquetball tournaments for nearly 40 years. Sometimes he played 9-10 hours of racquetball a week.

But unlike tennis, which allows for longer strokes with your entire arm, racquetball games require quicker strokes in tight places that put a lot of stress on your wrist.

Downhill Slide Board Transfer from Table to Chair

Watch to learn how to assist a patient with a downhill slide board transfer from a table to a chair.

Slide Board Transfer from Chair to Car

How-to video from Lovelace rehab team on moving a patient between a wheelchair and car using a slideboard.

Curb Step Up & Step Down (with front-wheeled walker)

Watch how to assist a patient using a front-wheeled walker go up and down a curb safely to avoid injury.

Uphill Slide Board Transfer from Chair to Table

Watch to learn how to assist a patient with an uphill slide board transfer from a chair to a table.

Hiker back on the trails after knee replacement surgery

Millions of Americans love to hike through our National Parks and other scenic landscapes. There is something wonderfully refreshing about getting away from the concrete jungles and enjoying fresher air outdoors.

Tim O’Dea, 59, a technician at Sandia National Laboratories, has enjoyed hiking and hunting throughout Bernalillo County and the surrounding areas for many years.

CEO of local Goodwill finds relief from robotic hernia surgery

There are not many things that slow down Shauna Kastle.

The 42-year-old president and CEO of Goodwill Industries of New Mexico is an active runner and has participated in several marathons and half marathons. She also enjoys supplementing her exercise sessions with cycling and strength training.

But when the pain in her abdomen started affecting her daily activities, she knew it was time to do something about it.

Suffering from migraines? You may need… Botox®

Cassandra Rivera, 32, had a long history of migraine headaches, regularly experiencing ten or more every month. Some of them were so severe that she would have to lay in a darkened room with an ice pack on her head.

She tried many different medications to treat the headaches, but the medications didn’t stop them. To make matters worse, the medications made Cassandra very ill.

Karen Rascon, 29, had migraine headaches so bad that she would have to miss work. Experiencing eight or more migraines every month, she felt constant, piercing pain in her head.

A Guide to Men's Health Screenings

Regularly scheduled health screening tests are one of the best things a man can do for his health. Spotting symptoms of health conditions early on is crucial to keeping men healthy. Early detection of any medical concern is the best way to improve the effectiveness of treatment and management. Even if you feel great, you should still see your healthcare provider for regular checkups.

Robotic hernia surgery 'a blessing' for patient

For Kelli Marshall, 59, of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, there was no doubt that something was wrong.