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As a trusted health care provider for New Mexicans for nearly 100 years, Lovelace Health System (LHS) is comprised of Lovelace Medical Group, New Mexico Heart Institute, Lovelace Women’s Hospital, Lovelace Medical Center, Heart Hospital of New Mexico at Lovelace Medical Center, Lovelace Westside Hospital, Lovelace Regional Hospital and Lovelace UNM Rehabilitation Hospital.  Across its five hospitals, 24 health care clinics and seven outpatient therapy clinics, LHS offers 606 beds and employs a team of more than 4,200 employees, including more than 260 health care providers. Lovelace continues to invest in our community, providing more than $41 million in unfunded care and supporting local nonprofit and community organizations with more than $500,000 in contributions in 2020. From our first and only hospital in New Mexico dedicated to women’s health to the state’s only hospital devoted exclusively to cardiovascular care, Lovelace is a leader in meeting the healthcare needs of this region.

Lovelace Health System continues to make significant investments in new services and technologies. And, investing in your health means serving you and your loved ones with quality, compassionate care. That’s why we continue to support and give back to the community through donations, volunteer time and our taxes. We also provide more than 3,600 fellow New Mexicans with jobs, making Lovelace Health System one of the largest employers in the state. Lovelace is proud to be the best place to care and be cared for.

2020 Stats:

  • Employees: 3,659
  • Emergency Department visits: 81,485
  • Surgeries: 18,589
  • Inpatient admissions: 26,608
  • Newborn deliveries: 3,858
  • Outpatient hospital visits: 280,528
  • Outpatient clinic visits: 550,917
  • Lovelace Medical Group providers: 280
  • Number of beds: 607
  • Charitable contributions & community support: $501,674
Since 2003, nearly $435 million has been invested into Lovelace facilities, services and technology.


Lovelace Health System History

The history of Lovelace Health System begins in the 1880s, when missionaries and philanthropists from the Midwest extended their mission of caring to Albuquerque. In 1901, they built the city's first hospital and a year later, they opened a sanitarium to care for the growing ranks of tuberculosis patients seeking health in the high, dry air of Albuquerque.

In 1912, a young doctor named William Randolph Lovelace moved his frontier practice to the city. Before long he was renowned for his skill as a surgeon and his extraordinary compassion for his patients. Joined by Dr. Edgar T. Lassetter and eventually by other physicians, Dr. Lovelace modeled his pioneering group practice, the Lovelace Clinic, after Minnesota's respected Mayo Clinic.

World War II changed life in unimaginable ways, spurring technological, social and economic growth in the American West - and demanding a new vision for the delivery of health care. With medicine rapidly advancing, ace pilot and decorated veteran Dr. Randy Lovelace followed in his uncle's footsteps, joining the Lovelace Clinic in 1946. He had already made a name for himself in the field of aviation medicine. As a fellow in surgery at the Mayo Clinic, he worked on the development of the BLB mask, which delivered oxygen to aviators flying at high altitudes. In fact, the "L" in BLB stands for Lovelace.

In the late 1950s, at the height of the Cold War, a new federal agency called NASA announced its first major undertaking: Project Mercury, which would launch the first national manned space capsule into orbit around the earth. Rigorous testing at Lovelace Medical Center narrowed the field to a handful of men who would be known to history as the Mercury 7.

Today, Lovelace Health System is recognized as a force for economic vitality in New Mexico as well as a provider of high quality care to residents of the state.

Leading change has always been part of the Lovelace mission. Today, the Lovelace passion for change, innovation and caring lives on in our commitment to advanced medical technology, patient convenience and high quality health care.


Senior Leadership

Lovelace Senior Leadership Team, led by President and CEO Ron Stern, oversees the operations of the hospitals and all the facilities within Lovelace Health System.

This team embraces and exemplifies all that Lovelace holds in its core vision and annual objectives for the organization's growth, quality initiatives, commitment to the community, and pledge to its patients and providers.

Lovelace Division

Ron Stern

President and Chief Executive Officer

Janelle Raborn

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Haun

Chief Financial Officer

Vesta Sandoval, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Lovelace Medical Center
Heart Hospital of New Mexico at Lovelace Medical Center

Derrick Cuenca

Chief Executive Officer

Meghann Hutchison

Chief Financial Officer

Denzil Ross

Chief Operating Officer & Administrator of the Heart Hospital New Mexico

Abigail Kendall

Chief Nursing Officer

Lovelace Westside Hospital

Derrick Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Solin

Chief Financial Officer

Brenda Holley

Chief Nursing Officer

Lovelace Women's Hospital

Amy Blasing

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Kinney

Chief Operating Officer

Carol Lynn Howland

Chief Nursing Officer

David McGrail

Chief Financial Officer

Lovelace UNM Rehabilitation Hospital

David Mork

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Maes, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Jessika Workman

Chief Nursing Officer

Lovelace Regional Hospital

Buddy Daniels

Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Hoffman

Chief Financial Officer

Christy Escandon

Chief Nursing Officer

Lovelace Medical Group

Dr. John Cruickshank

Chief Executive Officer

Donna Basden

Chief Operating Officer

Brandon Mudd

Chief Financial Officer


Community Sponsorships

Lovelace Health System is proud to support a broad spectrum of community groups and programs in New Mexico.

We support various local organizations, such as United Way, March of Dimes, Special Olympics New Mexico and the Center for New Mexico Nursing Excellence, to name a few.

While we are committed to supporting New Mexico’s cultural diversity, emphasis will be given to those sponsorship requests for events, organizations or programs, which promote health and wellness.

It is the policy of Lovelace Health System (LHS) to provide financial or in-kind support to events, organizations, or programs which benefit or take place in New Mexico communities in which LHS has a presence, and are relevant to LHS strategic goals and mission. 

The amount of financial support or in-kind services given by LHS will be based on how effectively the program or event supports the mission, goals and interests of LHS, as well as organizational funds available for this purpose. While LHS is committed to supporting New Mexico's cultural diversity, special emphasis will be given to events, organizations, or programs which promote health and wellness.

To be considered for a donation, a sponsorship or community event, request form must be completed and submitted to the Marketing/Communications Department no less than 45 days prior to the event or program. The request should include information on how requested funds are to be used, how the project supports LHS goals, and how LHS will be recognized for its contribution.

The Marketing/Communications Department will make a recommendation to the Community Benefits Committee (CBC). The CBC will review the recommendation and will make the final decision of sponsorship, typically within five business days. All sponsorship levels will be determined by the CBC. Once approved or denied, the Marketing/Communications Department will notify the requestor of the decision. For approved sponsorships, the Marketing/Communications Department will coordinate arrangements such as supplying logos, ads, etc. and the requestor is required to submit an invoice and W-9 to start the payment process.

LHS does not directly collect money for, or on behalf of, charitable organizations. We encourage all employees to support charitable organizations by volunteering their personal time. To donate money to a company-supported event that LHS is sponsoring, employees can make contributions directly to the nonprofit organization and LHS will arrange for a representative from the nonprofit organization to be present to collect those donations. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. 

  • Because of LHS' interest in public health and wellness, LHS will not support those events or programs directly sponsored by alcohol or tobacco products firms. 
  • As a rule, LHS will not sponsor political or religious-based programs or organizations.
  • Individuals cannot make personal donations on behalf of LHS.
  • LHS will not fund individual sponsorship requests (i.e. an individual requesting funds to participate in an event or program).
  • Requests for paid advertising in charitable programs will be handled by LHS Marketing/Communications Department.
  • Requests for labor or volunteer hours and in-kind contributions will be forwarded by the LHS Marketing/Communications Department to the appropriate departments for consideration.
  • LHS does not generally contribute to capital fund programs.
  • LHS does not generally fund non-collegian school events, nor non-collegian athletic events or teams.
  • LHS recognizes that there may be instances where exceptions to the policy must be made (i.e. those events, organizations, or programs supported by LHS employees, physicians, or board members), and thus reserves the right to make any exceptions as deemed appropriate. As an exception, then, the CBC will seek input from LHS executive staff, the legal department and legislative contacts as appropriate.

Sponsorship Request Form

Please include paperwork on various levels of sponsorship
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx xls xlsx zip.
Be sure to include the impact and exposure of the event.


Volunteer Opportunities

When you become a volunteer at Lovelace Health System, the rewards are many – a smile from a comforted patient, a sincere thank you from a visitor, the fellowship of other volunteers, and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. Are you ready for such heartfelt rewards?

There are many different types of volunteer opportunities available at our hospitals. Our volunteer staff will work with you to select a volunteer position that best fits your interests, skills and schedule. Here are a few opportunities available:

  • Assisting families and others in hospital waiting rooms
  • Helping visitors at the information desk
  • Delivering magazines, mail and flowers
  • Helping in numerous departments throughout the hospital
  • Escorting patients and families
  • Comforting families
  • Cuddler program 


Volunteer Coordinators by facility:

Lovelace Medical Center
Heart Hospital of NM @ Lovelace Medical Center
Christopher Eyrich
Email: christopher.eyrich@lovelace.com
Phone: 505.727.2700

Lovelace UNM Rehabilitation Hospital
Christopher Eyrich
Email: christopher.eyrich@lovelace.com
Phone: 505.727.2700

Lovelace Westside Hospital
Tina Lockwood
Email: tina.lockwood@lovelace.com
Phone: 505.727.2036

Lovelace Women's Hospital
JoLynn Maestas
Email: jolynn.maestas2@lovelace.com
Phone: 505.727.7895


Volunteer Application

Please print and fill out the forms below and email them to the facility in which you would like to volunteer.

  Volunteer Application

  Hirease Background Sheet

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

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