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Lovelace Health System has experience with providing healthcare to New Mexicans for the past 100 years. At Lovelace, we are committed to providing high-quality, safe, and convenient health care to our Native American patients from across the United States and tribal communities from the 23 Tribes, Nations, and Pueblos who have resided on these lands since time immemorial. Our goal is to serve New Mexico and Arizona’s Native American communities by promoting compassionate, high-quality health care with cultural sensitivity and understanding.

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At Lovelace, we understand that accessing quality health care can be challenging. As a result, we invite you to try Lovelace Virtual Care, a service delivery system that will allow you to access your health information, schedule your appointments or video visits with a Primary Care Physician or a Specialist, and so much more by using a phone, tablet or computer. Receive great quality care with Lovelace Virtual Care today and/or learn more by clicking here.

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Lovelace Health System accepts most major insurance plans, including Indian Health Service (IHS), so you can access all of our hospitals, health care centers, and providers. We know that it can be stressful to navigate the insurance coverage process. To verify if your insurance plan is accepted at a Lovelace facility, please refer to our list of accepted insurance plans.

For more information on how you can schedule an appointment or establish care with a Lovelace provider, please call 505-727-2727.

“My purpose in healthcare is to provide access and comfortability for my people and those in our communities. I want to help our Native American people get the best care possible. My goal is to ensure our patients feel at ease with someone from their home region that understands their cultural background.”
   — Marcus Nells, MA, Navajo Tribe

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