Lovelace Medical Center Nurse Residency Program

Love the difference you make and begin a rewarding nursing career as a Lovelace Medical Center nurse resident.

Develop critical thinking skills through hands-on learning working alongside experienced, compassionate Lovelace nurses. Build a foundation for your nursing career with personal and professional support throughout our residency program to give you the skills to become a competent, confident member of the healthcare family.

Nurse Externship Program at Lovelace Medical Center

Lovelace Medical Center is excited to offer this steppingstone as you begin your career! Working as a Nurse Extern will help you to develop knowledge and skills essential to safe nursing practice. If you are successful in the Nurse Extern role you will be guaranteed a position within the nurse residency program upon passing your NCLEX. While working as a Nurse Extern you can work independently as a Patient Care Tech with an expanded scope that will allow you to practice foundational nursing skills. These skills will include IV starts, blood draws, and other line placement after you have been trained and demonstrated competency.

In order to support successful completion of your academic program you will only be required to work one day per week, or two days per pay period (two week timeframe). One day per pay period you will work with an RN on a Clinical Focus Shift. During the clinical focus shift you will work with a RN and participate in patient care while beginning to practice assessment skills and documentation. Candidates are required to be in the last year of an accredited nursing program. Additional shifts, working as a Patient Care Tech, may be picked up as desired by the Extern. Nurse Externs may remain in the role for up to 4 months post-graduation.

Start getting paid as a Nurse Extern upon hire!

Learn & Apply: Nurse Externship Program

Entry to Practice (ETP) Nurse Residency Program

Lovelace Medical Center partnered with the University of Iowa to provide a 12-month Entry to Practice (ETP) Nurse Residency Program that supports graduate nurses as they transition into their first professional nursing role. The program offers a 16-week comprehensive orientation plan to the unit assigned, with immersive learning opportunities, nursing professional development, quality and safety performance improvement integration, and a supportive team-oriented environment for the remainder of the program.

Explore opportunities in:

  • Med/Surg
  • Intermediate Care
  • PCU
  • Ortho/Surgical/Spine
  • Neuro/Step Down

Learn & Apply: Nurse Residency Program

Next Cohort Start Date: February 7, 2022 – ETP Residency

Application Requirements:

  • Dual application to ETP Nurse Residency Program and the unit of choice
  • Applications are open

Please email or call 505-727-5100 to speak to a recruiter today!


  • Nursing student must have graduated or will be graduating from an accredited school of nursing prior to the cohort start state.
  • The program is open to BSN and ADN/ASN graduates.
  • The candidate must have successfully completed the NCLEX two weeks prior to the scheduled start date.
  • Willingness to participate in all program components
  • Current BLS; hiring department may also require ACLS and or PALS.
  • One-year post-program completion work commitment agreement required

Transition to Critical Care Fellowship

Nurses need thoughtful programs to help them grow in their careers when they explore new areas of specialty.

Lovelace Medical Center is excited to offer an exclusive Transition to Critical Care Fellowship for experienced nurses seeking to enter the Critical Care specialty. This six-month program offers a comprehensive orientation plan, immersive learning opportunities, nursing professional development focused on leadership skills, and a supportive team-oriented environment.

The program begins with three months of critical care education and training to include specialty-focused online modules, advanced skills labs, inter-professional care team shadowing, and practice-based learning. The following three months emphasis on leadership development activities, creation of a professional development plan to provided continued growth opportunities, mentorship, and practice empowerment.

Ideal candidates are nurses with at least one year experience in medical/surgical, progress care, or intermediate care units. Space is limited with an application period that runs from July 12 –Sept 10, with a start date of October 18.

Learn & Apply: Critical Care Fellowship

Next Fellowship Starts Date: February 7, 2022 – Fellowship

Application Requirements:

  • RN with at least one year experience in medical/surgical, progress care, or intermediate care units.
  • Applications are open.

Please email or call 505-727-5100 to speak to a recruiter today!