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The Health Benefits of Walking During Pregnancy

Often when we think of exercise during pregnancy, we think of cardio or maybe a low impact perinatal fitness class. Cardio during pregnancy can be healthy when approved by your OB or midwife; however, cardio is not the only exercise regimen that provides health and wellness. During the very first few days of pregnancy a hormone called relaxin is released. This hormone helps hip joints to have more flexibility and to help the pelvis expand and grow during pregnancy. Relaxin can cause hip joints to be sore sometimes.

How One Breast Cancer Survivor Overcame Her Diagnosis

Bernadette G. was never a fan of doctor’s offices or annual check-ups and vowed to avoid them whenever she could. But, when a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, she began to prioritize her health, taking proactive steps by regularly performing breast self-exams at home. Shortly after getting into this new routine, Bernadette became anxious as she noticed a small, marble-like lump on the lower part of her left breast.

Do you feel safe with your partner?

Your situation does not need to resemble the worst domestic violence movie to be a threat to you and your children. Even if your partner uses power in just one way that makes you feel uncomfortable, controlled or without choices, it is time for things to change. If symptoms are severe, it may be time to make a safety plan. It is hard to decide if you need to leave. When you do decide to leave, you will need a safety plan. The first 72 hours after a partner leaves an abusive relationship are the most dangerous. A little planning can keep you safe.

Be Mindful of Your Bones, Joints and Ligaments!

Like the steel framework of a high-rise building, our body’s skeletal structure and connecting tissues support our active lifestyles throughout the day. Unlike a building’s framework, we can actually strengthen and improve our internal framework every day to stay healthy and avoid injuries.

October is Healthy Bone and Joint Month, so active people of all ages, especially aging adults, should “listen to their body” and take stock of what hurts after mowing the yard, walking the dog or competing in weekend sports.

Coconut, Berry & Lime Popsicles

Coconut, Berry & Lime Popsicles

Lovelace Women’s Hospital NICU Reunion

Once a year, Lovelace Women’s Hospital welcomes former Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) patients back for a reunion unlike any other. It is a time for NICU graduates and their families to reunite with the team that cared for their precious little ones in the NICU. On this day, we celebrate the miracles that were once tiny babies, now growing toddlers and children filled with spirit and personality.

Insalata Caprese Chicken

Insalata Caprese Chicken Recipe