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Day of Dance — At-Home Exercises

Learn some exercises you can do at home from Erika Ray, Physical Therapist at Lovelace Women's Hospital. To maintain heart health while social distancing, Erika recommends focusing on crosstraining including running or doing pilates at home.

Heart-Healthy Recipe: Grilled Avocado with Veggie Ceviche

Heart healthy recipe of the week: Grilled Avocado with Veggie Civiche. Avocados contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, are loaded with fiber, and may lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


Lovelace Women's Hospital - Cardiology Clinic

Learn all about the cardiology clinic at Lovelace Women's Hospital. To schedule an appointment, call 505.727.2727.

Lovelace Women's Hospital - Cardiovascular Testing

Dr. Enoch Agunanne of New Mexico Heart Insitute/Lovelace Medical Group covers the ins and outs of cardiovascular tests: when you need one and what they diagnosis.

Lovelace Women's Hospital - Blood Pressure and Heart Health

Did you know that high blood pressure can affect your heart health? Diana Kaufman, FNP of New Mexico Heart Institute/Lovelace Medical Group explains it all in this video!

Lovelace Women's Hospital - Causes, Symptoms and Prevention of Heart Attacks

Join Dr. Mridula Rai, cardiologist with New Mexico Heart Institute/Lovelace Medical Group, as she discusses the causes, symptoms and prevention of heart attacks.

Lovelace Women's Hospital - Heart Month 2021

Celebrate National Heart Month with us!

Welcoming a New Sibling

“Having a sibling means you are never truly alone here.” – Roar, 10 years old

Lovelace Cardiology Heart Month Healthy Foods

In honor of February being National Heart Month, Lovelace Women’s Hospital dietician teaches us what types of food can help us eat a healthy diet and which foods we should try to limit. Click here for some tips on heart-healthy snacks!

Compassionate Language

“Her urine test came back dirty. She is a drug user.”


“She tested positive for an illegal substance. She may have substance use disorder.”