Coping with Triggers: Prediabetes/Diabetes Education

Everyone deals with stress and triggers. Lovelace Westside Hospitals Erin Buadino-Burgarello, registered dietician, offers some insight and tips when it comes to coping with triggers and making healthy choices for prediabetes/diabetes patients. For help finding a primary care provider or a diabetes educator, please call Lovelace Care Concierge at 505.727.2727.

Reducing Stress

Life carries its daily stress and triggers. It's important to learn how to reduce your stress when you are a pre-diabetic/diabetic patient. Laura Omidvaran, a registered dietician at the Lovelace Westside Hospital, talks about the importance of reducing stress, as well as some stress-reducing activities.

Lovelace Regional Hospital Names Nicholas Shirilla as Chief Executive Officer


January 13, 2023 – Lovelace Health System has named Nicholas Shirilla chief executive officer (CEO) of Lovelace Regional Hospital, effective January 16.

Firstborn son doing well after arriving 18 weeks early

When Annayisa and Michael Sanchez found out that they were pregnant with their first child, they were excited to start preparing for the baby’s arrival. The Rio Rancho residents put together a new baby bed, placed it in the nursery and decorated the room with bright colors and children’s books.

A normal gestation period for a baby is roughly 40 weeks, which meant that their baby’s due date was at the end of November. However, halfway through her second trimester, Annayisa started showing signs of concern.

Tracking Your Food

Tracking your food can help you manage diabetes! Tune in to Lovelace Westside Hospital's registered dietician, Jennifer Herrera, as she offers tips on how to track food, and explains how this helps with prediabetes and diabetes management.

Tips for Eating Well Away from Home

Eating well away from home can help you manage diabetes! Tune in to Lovelace Westside Hospital's registered dietician, Jennifer Herrera, talk more about the importance of eating well away from home, and tips to remember while making food choices.

Lovelace Women’s Hospital and Piñon Perinatal to Provide Maternal Fetal Medicine Telehealth in Rural New Mexico


ALBUQUERQUE, January 3, 2023 — Lovelace Women’s Hospital (LWH) and Piñon Perinatal have been selected by the Rural OB Access And Maternal Services (ROAMS) Network as the maternal fetal medicine telehealth services partner for its Northeast Network.

Beginning January 3, 2023, LWH and Piñon Perinatal will work together to provide the following support for high-risk expectant mothers:

Lovelace Regional Hospital Receives New Quality-Based Accreditation from DNV


ROSWELL, December 13, 2022 —Lovelace Regional Hospital (LRH) has successfully completed its new accreditation process awarded by DNV.

By earning accreditation, LRH has demonstrated it meets or exceeds patient safety standards (Conditions of Participation) set forth by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. DNV’s accreditation program is the only one to integrate the ISO 9001 Quality Management System with the Medicare Conditions of Participation.

Michele gets back in step with healthy lifestyle after hip surgery

If there’s someone who knows how to recover from hip replacement surgery and keep up with her fitness routine, it’s Michele Lewis.

The 60-year grandmother of three has spent the past 20 years as the Director of marketing and admissions at a skilled nursing facility in Albuquerque that offers short-term rehabilitation and other services.

An avid walker before her surgery, Michele regularly walked two miles throughout her neighborhood before work. She walked even longer distances on the weekend.

Happy Holidays from Lovelace Health System

Happy Holidays from our Lovelace leadership teams. We are sending a heartfelt thank you to our staff for all they do for our patients, community, and each other throughout the year. We wish you a safe and healthy holiday season.