Lovelace UNM Rehabilitation Hospital Ranked as Best Places to Work in Healthcare


NASHVILLE, Tennessee (September 29, 2022) – Modern Healthcare has announced rankings for healthcare organizations recognized as Best Places to Work in Healthcare, with Lovelace UNM Rehabilitation Hospital ranked #65 among the top in the country for the third year.

Level slide-board transfer with a wheelchair

Watch this video to learn how to assist a patient at home using a slide board to transfer from their wheelchair to a level sitting surface.

Back-to-school physical is important for your child’s good health

Your child’s health is one of your main priorities, especially in light of changes caused by recent COVID-19 disruptions. That’s why it’s important to start the new school year off right with a visit to your child’s primary care provider for a physical.

Most children need an annual well-child visit with their provider from ages 3 to 21. When your child starts attending school, these visits are usually scheduled for late summer and become “back-to-school” physicals.

Tens of millions of Americans may have AFIB and not know it

If your heart’s aflutter, a poet may say the tremulous excitement you feel is because you are in love. Your doctor, however, will say your heart’s flutter could be a sign of a serious condition: atrial fibrillation.

According to the American Heart Association, atrial fibrillation (also called AFib or AF) is a quivering or irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications.

Knee replacements increase Betty White’s joy of traveling

When 88-year-old Betty White realized her arthritic knees were ‘cramping her style,’ she decided to have knee replacement surgery at Lovelace Medical Center.

Where do you go: Hospital Emergency Room or Urgent Care?

Where should you go when you are ill or injured? The emergency room or urgent care center? How serious is your case? Read more so you can make the right choice.

Turning an Emergency into a Miracle

Coalition to Protect America's Healthcare

Connie, who was only 27 weeks pregnant with her first child, fell ill while on a trip with her husband. The staff at Lovelace Women’s Hospital helped her undergo an unexpected, early delivery of her daughter. Click below to read her story. 

Heart Hospital of New Mexico at Lovelace Medical Center places 500th WATCHMAN™ Device


ALBUQUERQUE – August 5, 2022 – The 500th WATCHMAN™ device was placed at Heart Hospital of New Mexico at Lovelace Medical Center (HHNM) by Michael Hoskins, M.D., an electrophysiologist with the New Mexico Heart Institute/ Lovelace Medical Group.

Technology speeds recovery from gallbladder removal surgery

At first, Patricia Magnes thought the intense pain she was experiencing was a heart attack, but soon found out that she would need a cholecystectomy to remove her gallbladder.

A 71-year-old self-professed ‘gym rat,’ Patricia stays active by going to the gym two to three times a week. “I'll take an occasional class,” she said, “but I do mostly cardio on the elliptical or Stairmaster and strength training with a personal trainer – stuff to keep me alive, I hope.”