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Engineer’s perception changed with second hip replacement

There is a natural curiosity in engineers to understand exactly how things work.

Two men standing together smilingDescription automatically generatedMark Meyer, 63, an Albuquerque resident who works at Sandia National Laboratories as a field engineer, was very curious about the workings of the hip joint and to understand why his right hip was causing so much pain.

Photographer captures more underwater dives after hip replacement surgery

Jim Cox, 66, started scuba diving and underwater photography about fifty years ago while in high school. He admits, however, that those first photos were appreciated only by him and his parents.

“I’ve always had a love for our oceans,” said Cox, who eventually earned a degree in ocean engineering. His graduate work centered more on engineering mechanics, which helps his current role as a mechanical engineer.

Five questions about car seat safety in New Mexico

Parents and caregivers of infants, toddlers and older children need to know what kind of car seat must be in their cars to transport their youngsters safely.

Hip replacement surgeries return hiker’s joy of the outdoors

The driving force behind Jeanne Kuriyan is her active lifestyle and adventurous spirit.

“I have always been extremely active, with daily trips to the gym, coupled with a love of the outdoors,” said Kuriyan, 72, who lives in Corrales, NM with her husband, Jacob.

SCAD heart attack survivor praises staff at Heart Hospital

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women, a condition very familiar to Taos, NM resident Kendra Bealor, 57.

Both sides of Bealor’s family have a history of the disease, so the symptoms of a heart attack are very familiar to her. But she was still surprised when the symptoms struck her one Christmas morning.

Determination and attitude spur cyclist’s ride to good health

Joleen Trujillo, 66, has had many opportunities to surrender to debilitating health issues, yet she has persevered and still works hard to overcome her obstacles.

A mother of two sons and grandmother to eight, the Albuquerque resident has battled multiple sclerosis (MS) for the past 28 years.

A Love Letter to our Outpatient Rehabilitation staff

Thoughtful ‘thank you’ letters for team members remind us of the important work we do every day and that each interaction matters.

We recently received a letter from Lily Colmenero, whose husband Cesar is battling the effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with bravery, determination and a willingness to work hard against this debilitating disease.

MS is an unpredictable disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain and between the brain and body.

Funeral chaplain walks without pain after hip surgery

We caught up with Jim Davis, 78, after he returned from a walk with his wife Brenda and Revere, their 75-pound Australian cattle dog.

“Good morning,” he said. “We just got back from a three-mile walk and we’re feeling good.”

Davis has been active most of his adult life.

Golfer happily back on the course after knee replacement

Linda Lenehan has led a very active life.

While her banker husband was at work, Lenehan raised two children, which many would say is plenty of activity. She also kept the family fed, repaired things around the house and called someone to repair what she couldn’t.

Parents see improvement after son’s speech therapy sessions

When a parent wants the best possible medical care for a child, he or she is willing to do whatever it takes, including making changes.

Kayla Irish, a 33-year-old respiratory therapist who lives in Roswell, NM with her husband Josh and their two sons, Jaxton (4) and Nolan (1), is one such parent.

When their oldest son Jax was diagnosed with “delayed speech” last year, their pediatrician referred them to Kaylin Bartlett SLP, a local speech-language therapist. Irish quickly saw improvement in Jax’s speech under Bartlett’s care.