Albuquerque Hospital Launches Drive-Up COVID-19 Testing

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Albuquerque Hospital Launches Drive-Up COVID-19 Testing
Drive-up COVID-19 testing is now available at an hospital in downtown Albuquerque.

By Associated Press, Wire Service Content March 14, 2020, at 6:45 p.m.
U.S. News & World Report

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Drive-up COVID-19 testing is now available at a clinic outside an Albuquerque hospital.

When to see a doctor for sleep problems

We all know how great a good night’s sleep makes us feel, and how groggy we feel if we don’t get enough shut eye. If you are continuously not getting quality sleep, you may have a sleep disorder.

A sleep disorder is a condition that impairs your ability to sleep or causes increased sleepiness during the day. Everyone can experience sleep problems from time to time, but if you are regularly experiencing sleep issues, you might not be getting proper sleep at night. Some common characteristics of sleep disorders include:

Roadrunner Food Bank’s Healthy Foods Market Provides Access to Nutritious Food to Lovelace’s South Valley Patients


Albuquerque, NM (January 15, 2020) – Food banks across the country including Roadrunner Food Bank have been starting hunger-relief programs that specifically look how food insecurity impacts chronic health issues. Roadrunner Food Bank’s Healthy Foods Market is one way we are bringing access to nutritious food to healthcare locations.

NICU Twins Have Identical Recovery at Lovelace Women's Hospital

This year Alysia Martinez got that happy news that her family was going to be growing, however it was by one more than expected. Martinez found out she was having twins.

“Both my side and Daddy's side have a history of twins. When I found out I was pregnant I was very much surprised,” says Martinez. “His dad is a father of twins, his aunt has a set of twins and my grandmother had a set of twins.”

Surviving Football Sunday: Tips to Stay Healthy

As we ring in the New Year, the nation also welcomes playoff football. It’s a no brainer that game days can be filled with large quantities of food and alcohol, and long periods of time sitting front of the television.

Karla Giese, DNP, NP, BC-ADM, CDE, a diabetes specialist with Lovelace Medical Group, provides tips for making healthy choices on game days:

Don’t go out with an empty tank.

What Can Fathers Expect During Labor and Delivery?

Many first-time fathers do not know what to expect when preparing for the birth of their child. It may seem very overwhelming, intense and complicated when thinking about the birth process. You may have your own worries and concerns outside that of the mother and new baby. Here are some steps on how to prepare for the birth of your child:

The Benefits of Working with a Doula

A doula, also known as a birth companion, is a trained professional in childbirth. The word doula comes from the Greek meaning “a woman who serves” or “handmaiden.” Doulas can provide educational, physical and emotional support to an expectant mother and her family during pregnancy, labor and delivery. Knowledge eases anxiety, while increasing the satisfaction of the birth process. A doula is not a replacement for your partner, but a trustworthy, educated, prepared, mentor and coach.

Blue Genes

When I look into the mirror, I see me. ButI also see my mother. Yes, as we age, we can see our parents appearing right in front of us due to our genetics. There will be a certain way we look, gain weight, walk and even cross our legs based on genetics. Styles, as well as sizes, will come and go through the generations, but the need for comfort and panache in a pair of jeans remains static. Blue jeans have been in fashion since 1871, and your genes as well will never be out of fashion.

How can I bond with my baby during pregnancy?

Bonding with your baby during pregnancy is called attachment. Pregnancy is an ideal time to start the attachment process, which affects development significantly during pregnancy and after the baby arrives. Bonding with your baby is similar during pregnancy as it will be after baby is born. You can send loving signals to your baby through senses like hearing, language, memory, sight and touch.