Virtual Care Doctors

Click on a provider to view more information. To schedule a virtual care appointment with a specialist, you must be an established patient of that provider. Primary Care accepts new or established patients for virtual visits.

Ben Paruchuri, M.D.

Lakshmi Parvathaneni, M.D.

Mel Peralta, M.D., FACC

Mel Peralta, M.D., FACC

Tomy Perez, M.D.

Katharine Pickett, MD

Katharine Pickett, M.D.
Family Medicine, Primary Care

Mark Polhemus, M.D.
Infectious Disease

Jayce Powell, FNP

Trent Proffitt, MD

Trent Proffitt, M.D.
Vascular Surgery

Malcolm Purdy, M.D.

Malcolm Purdy, M.D.
Medical Oncology

Naomi Quezada, FNP-C
Primary Care, Family Medicine

Mridula Rai, M.D. FACC

Barry Ramo, M.D., FACC

Barry Ramo, M.D., FACC

Allyson Ray, M.D., FACS
Ear, Nose & Throat

Kevin Regan, PA-C

Candace Reid, CNM

Candace Reid, CNM
Gynecology, Obstetrics

Benjamin F. Remo, M.D., FACC
Cardiology, Electrophysiology

Kevin Richardson, MD, FACS

Kevin Richardson, M.D., FACS
Cardiothoracic Surgery

Calvin Ridgeway, MD

Calvin Ridgeway, M.D.
Breast Care

Regan Riley, D.O., MPH, FACOG
Obstetrics, Gynecology

Clara Roberts, Ph.D.

Rosemary Rodriguez, PA-C
Breast Care

Mirta Rodriguez-Lugo, M.D.
Family Medicine, Primary Care

Deanna Romine RN, RD, CDE

Adam Ronan, MD, FACC

Adam Ronan, M.D., FACC
Interventional Cardiology

Amanda Ryan, D.O.

Jessica C. Ryder, PA-C

Angela Sanchez, MD

Angela Sanchez, M.D.
Family Medicine, Primary Care

Vanessa Licona Sanjuan, MD

Vanessa Licona Sanjuan, M.D.
Neurosciences, Neurology

Sharon Schaaf, DNP

Sharon Schaaf, DNP

Richard J. Schumann, M.D.
Sleep Medicine

Virtual care services are offered by the employed providers of Lovelace Medical Group, which are physician practices affiliated with Lovelace Health System. Services are available for new and existing patients. There are no charges to the doctors for this service. Referrals are given on a rotating basis, but the final selection of a physician is based on your needs and preferences.