September 11, 2023

Parents see improvement after son’s speech therapy sessions

When a parent wants the best possible medical care for a child, he or she is willing to do whatever it takes, including making changes. Kayla Irish, a 33-year-old respiratory therapist who lives in Roswell, NM with her husband Josh and their two sons, Jaxton (4) and Nolan (1), is one such parent.... Read More
August 16, 2023

Therapies spark improvements in speech and eating difficulties

Azucena Medina knew that her five-year-old daughter Alanys would need specialized care to assist her development. Born at 24 weeks gestation, Alanys has developmental delays that include speech and eating difficulties. Alanys is also on the autism spectrum, which complicates matters further.... Read More
August 4, 2023

The Dance of Breastfeeding, Bonding and Sensory Stimulation

Breastfeeding helps mom and baby bond, starting when baby is a fetus inside the womb Developing senses inside the womb A fetus’s senses start to develop in the womb in preparation for brain development and growth. We know through ultrasound that a baby experiences the sense of touch in-utero... Read More
August 1, 2023

Back to School Tips to Help with Your Kids' Sleep

Mornings before school can be tough, especially at the start of the school year as kids adjust to changes in their sleep schedule. Donna Whalen, FNP-C, with Lovelace Medical Group has some tips if your kids are having trouble with healthy sleep habits after summer break: “It is so important... Read More
July 18, 2023

ER and NICU teams act quickly when the unexpected happens to first-time parents

Everything was going as planned. A few weeks into the third trimester, Elizabeth and Jose Villar went to her regular obstetrician appointment, hoping to hear more about when their twins would be born. “You should expect to go full-term with your babies,” said the obstetrician, “... Read More
July 7, 2023

How to Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer

Summer in New Mexico means spending time outside enjoying activities that make New Mexico such a wonderful place to live. In moderation, sun exposure can be beneficial by enhancing bone health, improving sleep and easing mild depression. However, even after a short period of direct exposure, the... Read More
June 20, 2023

Social worker takes cancer diagnosis, treatments in stride

It is never easy to hear the words: “You have cancer.” For Dana Letts, 81, the words created an image she will never forget. “When you're diagnosed with cancer,” described Dana, “you're suddenly thrust into a very dark tunnel, disoriented, scared and unable to... Read More
June 7, 2023

Retired chef stays active after successful surgeries

With all surgeries, especially when multiple surgeries are expected, it is always best to have a clear plan of action. For John Wilkinson, 61, a retired chef at an Albuquerque restaurant, the best course of action proved to be ‘one step at a time.’ “I was referred to Dr. Mario... Read More
May 22, 2023

Future physicians learn with Lovelace General Surgery team

Lovelace Medical Group general surgeons don’t just care for patients in the hospital or clinic, they also invest in the long-term health of our community by mentoring New Mexico’s next generation of physicians. Rylee Samander is a medical student at Burrell College of Osteopathic... Read More
May 2, 2023

Skydiver considers three joint replacements in one year “a miracle”

For 72-year-old Gary Faas, who worked underground for many years mining for coal and sometimes gold, there’s no better feeling than being out in the open air – especially 12,000 feet above a drop zone! A Vietnam veteran, the Albuquerque resident is an avid skydiver with more than 400... Read More