7 Tips for Mental Health when Social Distancing

Managing stress and anxiety during this time of uncertainty will make you, and those around you stronger. If you are practicing social distancing or home quarantining here are a few helpful tips to maintain and improve your mental health.

  • Establish healthy routines during the day. Plan a day that includes time for exercise, meditation/prayer, educational/new experiences and outdoor experiences. Try to stick with your set schedule to maintain a "normal day."
  • Practice mindfulness. Take a few minutes each day to remind yourself of things you are thankful for. Contemplate things that you can control and those that you can't; focus your day and your energy on those things in your life that you can control.
  • Set goals. Set a goal to accomplish each day, each week and each month.
  • Use age appropriate language to discuss current world events. Children look to adults to understand how to respond to situations. Be honest, but remember that children may not be able to fully understand the events that are happening around them.
  • Limit exposure to media coverage. Impose time limits to remain informed about world events (example: watch nightly news for 30 minutes only); otherwise spend time engaging in positive and health promoting activities.
  • Encourage frequent communication. Allow the space for family members and friends to talk about how they are feeling emotionally; remember each individual has had a different experience during this time. Frequent text message or Face Time check-ins with friends and family can create a support network.
  • Increase awareness of your own emotions and feelings. Frequently check-in with yourself and others to identify mental health concerns. If your own feelings become difficult to manage or overwhelming, utilize the NM Crisis Line (1-855-662-7474) where you can get support. Call 911 or go directly to an emergency room with thoughts of hurting yourself or others.