Seven Health Symptoms Men Shouldn’t Overlook

Seven Health Symptoms Men Shouldn’t Overlook

Mild changes in your health or body can be easy to ignore. While these symptoms may not have a severe or immediate impact on your overall quality of life, they may signal larger problems that will worsen if left untreated. Regular visits with your doctor and screenings are valuable tools that may safeguard you from preventable conditions before they become more serious.

Here are seven health symptoms men shouldn’t overlook.

1. Breast mass

It’s often thought that breast cancer is a woman’s disease, but men too can develop breast cancer. Although it’s more common in women, the American Cancer Society reports nearly 3,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer in males will be diagnosed this year. If you notice a lump or unusual swelling in your chest, it’s important to get it checked out as soon as possible to rule out breast cancer or another form of tumor.

2. Changes in bowel movements

Monitor your stool and bowel movements for any irregularities. Unusual changes may indicate a dietary fiber deficiency or a larger underlying condition. If you notice unusual bowel movements or changes in the color or consistency of your stool visit your doctor for guidance and treatment options.

3. Erectile dysfunction

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and depression. Lifestyle changes may effectively correct the problem, but more grave concerns can require continued medical attention. Your doctor should be able to access the problem and provide a course of action.

4. Frequent heartburn

Heartburn is often a response to the consumption of certain foods. Individuals who eat a healthy diet should rarely experience heartburn. If you’re experiencing heartburn more than twice a week, speak to your doctor about the possibility of esophageal damage and other health problems.

5. Frequent urination

If you experience an increase in urination, it may be an indicator of issues in the kidneys or prostate. If you’re experiencing an unexplainable increase in urination patterns, visit your doctor to discuss possible reasons.

6. Shortness of breath

This can be normal after physical exertion, but if you’re noticing episodes of shortness of breath that don’t seem to match your level of activity, it may indicate larger cardiovascular concerns.

7. Unintended weight loss

Cancer and several other diseases often begin with an initial sign of unintentional weight loss. If you haven’t made conscious lifestyle changes or switched up daily habits, weight loss may be an early indicator of a larger problem. An unexplainable shift of the scale is a good reason to schedule an appointment with your doctor.  

If you notice these or any other unusual changes in your body, advocate for your health by making an appointment and speaking with your doctor. Early detection is often your biggest advantage in the likelihood of a full recovery.