Are Heart Palpitations Normal?

Are Heart Palpitations Normal?

This American Heart Month, we’re discussing heart palpitations. Because our hearts often quicken when we’re on a first date or if we get into a fender bender, it’s sometimes hard to know what’s a normal change in heart rate and rhythm and what’s a reason for concern. Follow along as we learn more about heart palpitations.

What do heart palpitations feel like?

Heart palpitations most often feel like your heart is skipping beats, fluttering rapidly, pumping too fast, pounding or flip-flopping inside your chest. Heart palpitations may be intense enough for you to feel in your neck or throat.

Are heart palpitations normal?

Generally, heart palpitations are common and shouldn’t be of concern. These flutters are a natural response to stress, nerves, strenuous activity or anxiety.

Is it OK to sleep with palpitations?

For the most part, it’s considered OK to sleep with palpitations, but if heart palpitations are a common occurrence when sitting or lying down, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your provider to learn more about the problem.

Are heart palpitations a symptom of COVID-19?

While heart palpitations are not often linked to COVID-19 at its onset, palpitations have been identified as a symptom in coronavirus “long-haulers.” “Long-haulers” are defined as people who have not fully recovered and continue to experience symptoms weeks or months after being originally diagnosed with COVID-19. Because COVID-19 can affect the heart, it’s important to speak to your provider about any abnormalities in the heart, including heart palpitations.  

When to see a doctor with heart abnormalities?

It’s important to alert your doctor of any heart abnormalities. While heart palpitations are very common, they’re worth mentioning to your doctor. If you feel uneasy about palpitations and think they may mean something more, schedule an appointment with your provider to learn more about your health and gain peace of mind.