January: The month of changes

Did you have trouble finding a treadmill at the gym today? That can happen in January when everyone has made a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. Do you have a new diet to go with your new year? My best friend has lost weight using the Keto method of dieting. My boss has lost weight with Weight Watchers. My husband has lost weight eating plant-based foods. Another friend has found new life and energy through intermittent fasting. I keep counting calories, eating the calories and then counting more. It feels good to lose weight, but weight is only one aspect of your health. How do you know when you’ve found a diet that is right for you?

Making any type of change requires preparation. Skipping the preparation stage increases the chances of early relapse. Understanding where you are in the cycle of change increases your chances of success. A little planning goes a long way. Do some homework and find a diet that works with your lifestyle. Choosing a diet you don’t have time for can make the transition more challenging. Any diet will take adjustments, but finding a diet that sounds do-able gives you a mental head start. Take time to meet with your doctor to discuss the benefits of the diet you are considering, especially if you are pregnant or have multiple health concerns. Meeting with a nutritionist may also be beneficial.

Understand that everyone has an “off day.” If you fall off the wagon, just get back on. Spending time shaming yourself will not help you accomplish your goal. Have a plan for when you make a mistake. We are human. Mistakes will happen, and they let us know we are learning. Rely on supportive friends and family to get you through the rough spots. Remember that health is more than weight. The changes you are making will be favorable to your heart and mind, as well as, your scale. You have every chance of succeeding as you plan, meet with your doctor, and have compassion for that awesome person who is brave enough to make a change.

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Blog submitted by Catherine Roth, Certified Community Health Worker for Lovelace Labor of Love.