iPhone 5 Release and Our Smartphone Addiction

One of the biggest news stories today is the release of the iPhone 5. Apple is calling it “the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.” While some fans across the country have been waiting outside stores since earlier this week, we thought we would look into our dependence on our smartphone devices and how this is really affecting our lives.

Recently it was reported that our addiction to the Internet alone has been found to be as addictive as alcohol and smoking. Having constant access to the Internet, family, friends and work may not necessarily be a good thing. For some people, researchers have discovered, just knowing they have the ability to check in at all times of the day or night has led to interrupted sleep. How would you qualify your dependence or addiction to your smartphone? Here are some interesting statistics revealing the lengths we would go to stay plugged in and what we might even do if we lost that connection.

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