Diapers: More Than Stink

It is easy to think of diaper changing as the stinky work that nobody wants to do. True, there are some uncomfortable moments and some less than fragrant smells, but these few minutes with your baby can tell a person more than you might consider. Diapers are an excellent barometer of the quality of feeding for breastfeeding mothers and the perfect chance for bonding. The kind of diapers used are not important when it comes to checking feedings or bonding. The type of diaper used is important when cost, time and the environment are considered.  

The number of wet diapers tells us how much food a baby is getting. Without a sensitive scale, it is nearly impossible to measure the amount of breastmilk a baby has consumed. Counting wet and poopy diapers lets a parent know if the baby is getting enough milk. Diaper changes are also a perfect chance to bond with your baby, an opportunity to caress, talk to and make eye contact with your baby. Your touch provides warmth and comfort to your baby. This is no small job in parenting. Your connection and contact quite literally help your baby’s brain to grow and keeps him or her emotionally alive.

If you donate diapers to places such as the Junior League of Albuquerque Diaper Bank, you not only assist a family financially, you promote health and wellness emotionally and physically. Giving diapers is a fantastic way to help families in need. Most supplemental programs do not provide diapers and wipes. Parents who need help deciding which style of diaper to use can look at Top 10 Diapers for parent-ranked disposable diapers and Diaper Junction for those who prefer cloth diapers. With a few adjustments in perspective, changing a diaper just became a golden opportunity.