Activities for You & Your Children

Re-engage, Reconnect and Make Memories!

Unexpected time at home can be a transition. There can be added stressors when you are worried about work and illness. Try taking a few moments to re-engage and reconnect with your family. Make some memories. If you’re looking for activities to keep your toddler or young child busy, learning and entertained, check out the ideas below!

For Toddlers

  • Ages 13-18 Months
  • Ages 19-24 Months (and Older)
  • 50 At-Home Toddler Activities
  • 101 Fun Things to do with Toddlers
  • Best Puzzles for Toddlers

For Young Children

  • How to Play “I-Spy”
  • Rainy Day Fun
  • Blowing Bubbles
  • DIY Crafts
  • Safe, Easy Finger Painting
  • Jump Like a Frog!

Learning Fun

  • For Young Children
  • Sensory Bins – to touch and manipulate
  • Putting In & Taking Out – container fun

  • As always, keep safety in mind. For information on our Labor of Love program, please call 727.7677