Convenience a Must for Men to Stick to Appointments

Convenience a Must for Men to Stick to Appointments

When it comes to check-ups and screenings, it’s no secret that men tend to avoid them. But did you know that some men would rather clean the bathroom or mow the lawn than take time to see a physician? That’s right! According to a Cleveland Clinic survey, 72 percent of 1,174 adult men said they would prefer to do household chores versus interact with their doctor. Additionally, 77 percent of those in a relationship stated they would rather go shopping with their significant other than discuss their health with a medical provider.

While these statistics may be amusing, they are also cause for alarm. In the U.S., heart disease, cancer, accidental injuries and stroke are among the top causes of death for men, which means keeping up with check-ups and appointments is of vital importance.

For many men, taking time to schedule and travel to and from physician appointments becomes a barrier. In fact, of those surveyed who admitted to not going to regular doctor visits, 61 percent said they would be more likely to do so if seeing their physician was more convenient.

With the uncertainties of COVID-19 still lingering, personal ease in scheduling and the value placed on time has accelerated the need for flexible medical visits, which is why we now offer virtual care options.

The Doctor is Virtually In to See You Now

Without having to leave your home or office, a physician can now virtually connect with you to discuss your health symptoms through a secure connection on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

If you are new to virtual care, follow these simple tips to help make the most of your next appointment.

  • Reserve a quiet area or room that provides privacy and optimal lighting. During your visit, sensitive details about your health may be discussed or you may be asked to show areas of your body that are normally covered for treatment. Plan out your space in advance, and as an extra layer of privacy protection, consider wearing headphones.
  • Make sure to have your medications and related health information nearby. To discuss proper dosage or refill requests, keep your current medications at hand. If you need to review either your blood pressure, blood glucose levels or weight, make sure this information is close by, as well.
  • Be ready five to ten minutes before your scheduled appointment. To ensure your computer, smartphone or tablet properly connects, log in to your appointment a few minutes early.

Is Virtual Care Suitable for all Appointments?

While some appointments benefit from a physical examination, many visits can be scheduled through virtual care. If you’re experiencing conditions related to back pain, cough, diarrhea, red eye, sinus issues, urinary problems or heartburn, a virtual visit may be right for you.

However, if your situation is an emergency, please dial 9-1-1 or make arrangements to meet with a health professional in person as soon as possible. Remember, treatment should never be delayed, as timing is always critical in emergency medical situations.