Lovelace milestone year honorees

By Roswell Daily Record -   September 15, 2018

Lovelace Regional Hospital honored its employees who reached their milestone year with an Oscar-themed service awards dinner at The Hi-Q Venue on August 30. Heather Harper, Lovelace Regional Hospital CEO was the master of ceremonies, along with speakers Jon Hitchcock, hospital board chairman, and Bill Owen, hospital board member. Also in attendance were board members Amy Coll, Richard Mooney, M.D. and Robert Rader, M.D.

“Lovelace Regional Hospital and southeast NM are fortunate to have such dedicated, professional and caring healthcare providers serving the community,” said Hitchcock. “The board congratulates these team members on their tenure and milestones.”

Employees recognized for their years of service:

Madelene Aguinaldo (10 years)

Joeanna Talamantes (5 years)

Adam Barela (5 years)

Gayle Thompson (10 years)

Barry Barreras (5 years)

Cynthia Trujillo (10 years)

Lacy Bently (5 years)

Reina Valdez (10 years)

Cindy Blake (5 years)

Gina Vela (10 years)

Christina Bogle (10 years)

Elena Vital (5 years)

Deborah Busby (10 years)

Kimberly Webb (10 years)

Shanna Cain (10 years)

Amanda Winchester (5 years)

Veronica Casillas (10 years)

Jose Chavira (5 years)

Kathy Cooper (10 years)

Candise Crow (5 years)

Jesse Gomez (5 years)

Caroline Gress (5 years)

Horacio Gutierrez (10 years)

Jesus Hernandez (5 years)

Craig Hickerson (5 years)

Valeria Hill (5 years)

Andrea Lentz (5 years)

Chad Libbey (5 years)

Evanjelina Luciano (10 years)

Gloria Matta (10 years)

April May (5 years)

Bruce May (5 years)

Marie Meadows (10 years)

Saira Mendoza (10 years)

Mariano Morones (10 years)

Annie Nelson (10 years)

Alejandro Ogas (10 years)

Maria Ogas (5 years)

Juan Ortiz (10 years)

Shantilly Page (10 years)

Linda Parker (10 years)

Shawnia Patno (10 years)

Annamae Ramirez (10 years)

Gino Romero (5 years)

Rebecca Sanchez (10 years)

Daniela Sanchez (5 years)

Melissa Smith (15 years)

Maria Sopher (10 years)

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