Reviews for John Bond, M.D.


I realized after my visit that it isn't quantity but quality time that is important. Over the last few years this dr. has taken me to the point where my blood tests now have NO flags. (I'm 77) And, my most recent visit makes me think Dr. Bond has a sixth sense. I wanted to say I was feeling "off"and had a recurring slight headache and difficulty focusing; but didn't. Dr. Bond noticed my blood pressure was high and after our visit asked his nurse to take another reading; still high. He asked me to take readings at home for several days (it was Friday) and return the following week to have his nurse check me again and bring my BP machine with me to calibrate. I realized when I left it's my BP making me feel "off" and Dr. Bond noticed and is dealing with it. Bam. So, yes, a very good dr.

   — Michael Temer


Doctor Bond has proven to be a caring physician who is prompt in seeing his patients whether in-person or via Televisit. I have been very satisfied with my doctor.

   — Patricia Milner


Very timely; accessible by message through the Lovelace MyChart and responds quickly. Makes decisions quickly. Good listener! Could be a little more forthcoming with medications.

   — J Cozad


Great service and they really take the time with you to make sure you are satisfied with your health care.

   — Gary Miller


I am extremely pleased with the care that Dr. Bond has ajways provided for me and my wife also.

   — James Nelson


Yes such a thorough and compassionate Dr.

   — Eve Bethoney


Dr. Bond listened carefully, asked good questions, was efficient and knowledgeable. His staff assistants were friendly and effective. Dr. Bond gave me confidence in his care.

   — Delores McKinney


My first visit with Dr. Bond. I was impressed and believe we will have a long relationship.

   — Charles Emmons


Dr. Bond and his team are amazing. I always feel like my concerns are heard and they do their best to make me feel at ease and comfortable.

   — Monica Garcia


Dr. Bond is a very good family physician. I know, however, the he (like other family physicians at Lovelace) are really stretched thin and are sometimes very difficult to get a timely visit with. This was not an issue for my last visit.

   — Dean Sherer


This is a very good team of professional medical staff. And you are treated well. Dr. Bond , keeps the vist simple and understandable, that's great!

   — Edward Crow


Dr. John A. Bond, M.D. is my kind of Doctor! He is very to talk to. He is a good listener. He is REAL, genuine. His location is near Rio Rancho. It eliminates my need to find a ride all the way into the big city. His Dad is a Scrollsaw Sawyer as I am. Dr. John makes wooden pens. I ask lots of questions; he answers them with patience. Thank you Dr. Bond.

   — J Cozad


Had a great experience very kind and helpful

   — Jerry


I have had a hard time finding and keeping a primary care doctor for the past few years. I really appreciate Dr. Bond and the staff at the Lovelace Westside clinic for the time they spent with me going over my health status and helping me get my prescriptions refilled seamlessly.

   — G. Larry Mays


This was a follow up to my high blood pressure. He was very thorough and concerned with lowering my blood pressure. He ordered blood work and the test results were quickly obtained. All is well. Very pleased with Dr. Bond and his concern for my health.

   — Ruben Hernandez


Excellent service will use this medical group for all my medical problems.

   — Barney Perez


This was my first visit with Dr. Bond. He was very easy to be with, understood my concerns and left me feeling that I have a fine, new doctor.

   — Ron Lipka


I have been seeing Dr. Bond for 3 years now and I have several things wrong with me. He takes the time to figure out what to do next for me. He is very patient with me and all my problems I would recommend him to everyone I know.

   — Emily Frappier


I like Dr. Bond’s friendly personality. He kindly listens to what I have to say. He answers my questions.

   — N.


Dr. Bond is very thorough and competent! I would recommend Dr. Bond to my closest friend or relative. He spends as much time as needed and I can go over a few items that have bothered me. Other doctors I have had have told me that I need to make another appointment to discuss more issues. Great doctor!!

   — Ann Abeyta


Excellent physician!! Thorough, strong background knowledge. I have confidence in this doctor!

   — Ann Abeyta


They book over two months out, even for an already established patient. I think that's ridiculous. Am I supposed to predict months in advance that I'll be sick or need an appointment?

   — Timon Fish

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