Biograph Horizon™

technology overview

This advanced nuclear imaging technique combines positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) into one powerful imaging machine. A PET/CT is an imaging test that allows physicians to check and track diseases in the body. By combining information about the body's anatomy and metabolic function, a PET/CT scan provides a more detailed picture than either test does alone. 

hybrid imaging

Through the power of hybrid imaging we can now leverage the Siemens PET/CT's high image quality and quantitative accuracy to support earlier staging of disease and therapy follow up. This enables our physicians to more accurately detect, diagnose and treat disease by tracking patient progress during and after treatment to esure therapeutic efficacy. 


syngo.via offers a complete suite of molecular imaging aplications for oncology, cardiology and neurology. It has been uniquely designed to provide our physicians with a true hybrid reading experience, which doubles the available diagnositc information. This advanced tool enables reproducible results from virtually anywhere at anytime. This means faster results and more information to guide the patient's treatment decisions. 


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