A New Class offered at Lovelace: Loving Families

Parenting…..that huge sea of responsibility, joy and questions! The art and skills of parenthood actually start right away. Taking a course while pregnant is not too early, and taking a class after baby is just fine too. Only good can come from learning more about you and your baby.

Do you want to parent the same way you were raised? Do you want to hedge off lingering fears you may have about your own parenting ideas? How will you synchronize your parenting style with your partner’s? Loving Families is a new FREE class at Lovelace Women’s Hospital. The content will be from the acclaimed Circle of Security (COSP) program.

A few goals for the Loving Families class, as stated on the COSP website, are to enable:

·   Understanding your child’s emotional world by learning to read emotional cues

·   Supporting your child’s ability to successfully manage emotions

·   Enhancing the development of your child’s self-esteem

·   Honoring the innate wisdom and desire for your child to be secure

·   Increase parent’s capacity to provide comfort when their child is in distress

Dana Chandler, one of the Community Health Workers with Labor of Love, shared this about her experience with Circle of Security:

“I completed the Circle of Security program just after having our second child. While going through the program I learned that my own childhood experiences were shaping the way I was parenting my children. The Circle of Security has given me the space to work through my own apprehensions as a parent and really allow my children to be children. I have gained the insight to be more present with my children, and support their natural desire to explore. I was given the tools to know when I really need to be ‘bigger, stronger, wiser and kind.’ We wish we had known about it earlier.”

You’ll find a sneak peek at what you’ll be taking home from Loving Families by reading a few more parent blogs.  Follow the Loving Families link above to sign up for this FREE life changing class. Let Loving Families provide a lifeboat for you to navigate the possible storms, and also allow you to find the serene waters and balmy beaches of parenthood.

This blog post was written by Labor of Love Contributor Catherine Roth CCHW, and Dana Chandler, Labor of Love CHW.