Reviews for Loutsios K. Ierides, M.D.


painless, and professional.

   — Paul Caleca


Dr. Ierides is a caring doctor. He listens to you and helps when he decides what needs to be done.

   — Mary


Was great

   — Geneiva L. Flores


I had a heart attack, he did double stints on me. He was called in on a late sat night and was prepped and operated on me early Sunday morning before I even had a room. By Tue morning I was gripping to get out. He told me I had to let my stitches heal a bit so I wouldn't tear them out. His continued care and frank discussions about my life choices really made a difference in my life.

   — Dan S


very highly recommended to anyone with heart conditions, he is an extraordinary Cardiologist , with attention to detail and incredible knowledge.

   — Bertha Vargas-Pilgerrim


He is very knowledgeable. He listens to you if I don't understand something he will stop and explain the situation to me. He tells me what I need to do to get healthy.

   — Lucy D Lowery

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