Discount Generic Medication Program

Lovelace Pharmacy's Discount Generic Medication Discount Program is just one more way we offer superior, convenient service to our patients.

Generic drugs contain the same active ingredients as brand name drugs and the FDA requires that generic medications be as safe and effective as the brand name drugs. This means you get the same quality and dosage at a lower price.

We have over 300 generic medications on our list and the cost is based on tier and whether it is a 30 day or 90 day supply.

Tier 1
30 day $4.99
90 day $9.99
Tier 2
30 day $4.99
90 day $19.99
Tier 3
30 day $9.99
90 day $29.99

Click here for a full list of generic medications

Remember, you can find a Lovelace Pharmacy close to home at one of our 11 convenient locations. We have more registered pharmacists to serve you. Consultations are always available for your questions and concerns regarding your prescriptions. We fill most prescriptions in 10 minutes or less so you can feel better, faster.

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