OB Providers and Midwives

If you’re expecting a baby and plan to deliver at Lovelace Women’s Hospital, you have choices!

We are proud to partner with the following physician groups to provide exceptional prenatal care and a first-class labor and delivery experience:

Lovelace Medical Group

Two locations:

4705 Montgomery Blvd. NE, Suite 301 - map

10511 Golf Course Rd NW, Suite 201 - map

Tel: 505.727.4500


Dorothy Beach, CNM

Brenda Beck, CNM

Tambra Bensch, CNM

Asit Bhatt , MD

Molly A. Carroll, M.D.

Sahar Chavez, M.D.

Samantha Gallegos-Gollihugh, CNM

Janet Hardt, CNM

Patricia Heinz , CNM

Melynda Lopez, CNM

Lucille Martinez, M.D

Melissa Moore, CNM

Vicky Peng, M.D.

Candace Reid, CNM

Dympna Ryan, CNM

Tessa Schwering, M.D.

Paul Shelburne, MD

Nina Simon, CNM

Lowry Simpson, CNM

Joel Teicher, M.D.

Michelle Underwood, PA-C

Starla Willis , CNM

Women's Specialists of New Mexico

Three locations:

4640 Jefferson Lane NE - map
6320 Riverside Plaza Lane NW, Suite A - map
201 Cedar SE, Suite 5640 - map

Tel: 505.843.6168


Consuelo Carmona, M.D.

Alicia Castillo, CNM

Carl Connors, D.O.

Steven Gough, M.D.

Danielle Hoelter, CNM

Wendy Kimmelman, CNM

Samara Knight, M.D., MPH

Rebecca Leeman, CNM

Stephanie Levy, CNM

Seddah Moya, M.D.

Rebecca Okun, M.D.

Terri Caspary Schmidt, CNM

Erika Solis-Gilmore, M.D.

Melissa Valdez, M.D.

Jeanine Valdez, M.D.

Analisa Villarreal, M.D.

Jennifer Williams, CNM

Elizabeth Withnall, CNM

The Doc Spa

Two locations:

6801 Jefferson St. NE, Suite 350 - map

1950 C Old Route 66 - Edgewood, NM - map

Tel: 505.884.8900


Julian Rowe, M.D.

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