Norovirus Spreads to U.S.

January 21, 2013

Staying healthy is getting a one-two punch this winter season thanks to widespread cases of the flu followed by a fast-moving stomach bug called norovirus. First reported in Sydney, Australia, last March, this norovirus spread to Europe, then Canada and is now wreaking havoc in the U.S. The bug is especially prevalent in contained spaces like cruise ships, nursing homes and schools. The reason...

What You Need to Know About Folic Acid

January 09, 2013

Today’s blog comes to us from Dr. Patrick Dawson, ob-gyn. 1. Why is folic acid during pregnancy important? Folate (also known as folic acid) is important in cell growth and differentiation. A growing baby needs access to adequate folate to prevent certain birth defects. We know that women who are deficient in folic acid have an increased risk of having a baby with an open neural tube defect such...

Lovelace Health System: Looking to 2013

January 02, 2013

2012 was an amazing year for Lovelace Health System. We take a moment to hear from our CEOs on the accomplishments of 2012 and their thoughts on the year ahead.

Lovelace Health System Announces Partnership with Firm to Build Proposed Hospital

December 21, 2012

Lovelace Health System announced today the system has partnered with Miller Development + Architecture on a proposed hospital in Los Lunas. The hospital will serve the needs of citizens and providers throughout Valencia County. As a trusted health care provider for New Mexicans over the past 90 years, Lovelace continues to invest in services, technology and new facilities to meet the needs of our...

A New Provider and on the Road to Being Pain Free

December 20, 2012

“I was having a panic attack, really,” says 65-year-old Lovelace Medicare Plan member Kathleen Brown of learning she would either need to find a new provider or health plan after ABQ Health Partners ended its contract with Lovelace Health Plan. “I had just come on as a Senior Medicare Plan member October 1, 2012,” says Brown. When it was announced in mid-October that ABQ Health Partners’ leaders...