Skin Care Tips During Pregnancy

As your baby and belly grow you will notice some changes in your skin as well. Here are some tips to protect your skin as your body adjusts to pregnancy:

·       Limit your weight gain to only what your OB provider or midwife recommends. This will limit the amount of stretching your skin will experience during pregnancy.

·       Cocoa butter can help diminish the appearance of stretch marks and help fade skin imperfections.

Employee shares her Lovelace experience

Since beginning her career in health care and joining Lovelace Health System in 2010, Melanie Trujeque knew she worked for an organization dedicated to doing what is best for patients. Melanie witnessed that commitment to the mission among leaders, providers, nurses and staff as she grew in her career from a customer service coordinator to serving as the executive assistant for Lovelace UNM Rehabilitation Hospital CEO Derrick Jones.

Infant sun protection

Infant skin is different than adult skin. It is thinner, lighter and more sensitive. A sunburn on a baby can become a medical emergency from blisters, fever and dehydration. The best way to prevent this is to protect your baby from ever becoming sunburned.

Ways to protect your baby from the sun include:

·       Shade and shelter

Walking the walk – promoting health and wellness at Lovelace Women’s Hospital

Lovelace Women’s Hospital has been an active partner in the community of Albuquerque supporting health and wellness through a number of community outreach activities and two annual events growing in popularity – Girls’ Night Out and Day of Dance. The message behind the outreach is to encourage the community to take an active role in educating themselves on how to improve their health and how to access resources available to support a healthy lifestyle.

Click Clack – Front and Back (Car Seat Safety Tips)

According to I’m Safe, motor vehicle crashes take the lives of more than 12 children every week in the US. In 1985, New Mexico held the highest fatality rate in the United States. After many safety initiatives and policies, New Mexico now ranks 13th in traffic fatalities.

Tips for Postpartum Partners

When the unexpected happens and a new parent is living with depression, the situation can be frustrating. Pregnancy, mood and anxiety disorders can affect the whole family. There is no magic wand to cure depression and recovery may feel slow, but with a plan and dedication to health care, support and communication, it does get better over time. No matter how hard you try, or how much you love your partner, recovery takes longer than you want. You have to wait this out with each other.

As you support your partner, it is important that you also take care of yourself:

Marijuana during pregnancy

Many people think that cannabinoids, like marijuana, are harmless during pregnancy, but research suggests otherwise.

·       “Cannabinoid” is a term to describe a group of 66 ingredients found in the flowering cannabis plant.

·       Each of these 66 chemicals affects brain receptors differently.

·       A main ingredient in marijuana is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Patient- and Family-Centered Care at Lovelace Westside Hospital changes how patients are seen

At Lovelace Westside Hospital we value the relationships we establish with our patients and their families. Our recent Patient Family Centered Care (PFCC) designation supports a style of care where the needs and choices of patients and their families define the care they receive.

“Having the PFCC designation shows our dedication to continual improvement in providing compassionate, caring, quality and safe delivery of care while partnering with the people who matter most; patients and families,” says Patricia Pacheco, Medical-Surgical Department director.

Daddy Depression: New Fathers with Paternal Postnatal Depression

Dads can have trouble adjusting to parenthood just like mom. Feeling anxious and stressed can come with being a new dad. Sadness, or blues, may occur as a result of a specific situation or event. “Daddy Blues” can improve with restful sleep, lunch with a friend, going to the gym or playing a sport. Feeling sad, or blue can be a normal part of becoming a parent for some men.

Mental Health Awareness Month – Why do we care?

Addiction, depression and anxiety are examples of mental health conditions. One in five Americans are affected during their lifetime, which means every American is impacted either directly, or through their friends and family. Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental health condition.