In Honor of our Veterans

Thank you Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day on November 11, we would like to recognize Lovelace employees who have served our country in the armed forces.

Lovelace Medical Center

Shalena Bailey, U.S. Navy

Amber Brackett, U.S. Air Force

Tracey L. Cashman, U.S. Air Force

Greg Clark, U.S. Marines

John Cunningham, U.S. Marines

Darren Cde Baca, U.S. Navy

Doug DeButy, U.S. Air Force

Mary Frances Delira, U.S. Army Reserve

Christine Dunn, U.S. Army

Raphael Fields, U.S. Army

Pete Gonzales, U.S. Army

Josh Hacker, U.S. Army

Jennifer Harrison-Sanchez, U.S. Air Force

Jeff Haughton, U.S. Army

Annette Hunter-Trujillo, U.S. Army

Charles Hudson, U.S. Army

Nancy Kinney, U.S. Air Force

Michael Lewis, U.S. Army and New Mexico National Guard

Amanda Lucero, Air National Guard

Adam Lovato, U.S. Navy

Chastidy Madrigal, U.S. Army Reserve

Joel Murray, U.S. Air Force

Phong Nguyen, U.S. Army

Willie Nunez, M.D., U.S. Air Force

David Ortega, U.S. Marines

Ralph Padilla, U.S. Air Force, New Mexico Air National Guard

Manny Rodriguez, U.S. Navy

Howard Sample, Jr., U.S. Navy

Jennifer Sanchez, U.S. Air Force

Nathan Smith, U.S. Army

Robert Sears, U.S. Navy

James G. Thayer, U.S. Army

Jerry Thrasher, U.S. Army

Randall K. Van Stone, U.S. Army

Walter Viers, U.S. Army

Charlie Walton, U.S. Navy

Chris Walton, U.S. Army

Heart Hospital at Lovelace Medical Center

Julian Aragon, U.S. Navy

Jamie Boothe, U.S. Air Force

Douglas Brown, M.D., U.S. Army

Sandy Collins, U.S. Army and Navy
Matthew Cormier, U.S. Army

Christopher diVittorio, U.S. Army

Gary Duerksen, U.S. Army

Kenneth Edelen, U.S. Army

Jim Hayes, U.S. Navy

Scott Komar, U.S. Army

Jill K. Lopez, U.S. Army

Vicente Lopez, U.S. Marines

Joe Lovato, U.S. Army National Guard

Orlando Martinez, U.S. Army

Ronald Millar, U.S. Air Force

Allen Rhodes, U.S. Navy

Janette Rodriguez, U.S. Army

Jeff Samuels, U.S. Army

Lovelace Medical Group

Shaylyn N. Benally, U.S. Army

James P. Bradley, M.D., U.S. Army, Medical Corps

John Cruickshank, D.O., U.S. Air Force

Sonya E. Esquibel, U.S. Army

Jeff Haughton, U.S. Army

Victor Jensen, U.S. Army

Quotrina Lackey, U.S. Army, U.S. Army Reserves

Patrick L. Moya, U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard

Ronald Prager, U.S. Navy

Calvin A. Ridgeway, M.D., U.S. Air Force

Al Saucedo, U.S. Marine Corps

Michelle Underwood, U.S. Air Force Reserves

Robert Valencia, U.S. Marine Corps

Lovelace UNM Rehabilitation Hospital

Christopher Hernandez, U.S. Army

John K. Holden, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army

John Martinez, U.S. Coast Guard

Russell Wheelock, U.S. Navy

Lovelace Regional Hospital – Roswell

Cesar Acosta, U.S. Army

Benjamin Chavez, U.S. Navy

Gary Clark, U.S. Army

Wesley Elliot, U.S. Air Force

Paul Emerson Maples, U.S. Air Force

Bruce May, U.S. Army

Daniel Sean McIntier, U.S. Army

Alejandro “Alex” Ogas, U.S. Army

Sandy Wright, U.S. Army

Lovelace Shared Services/Division/CBO

Tracey Cashman, U.S. Air Force

David Chavez, U.S. Army

Victor Jensen, U.S. Army

Tomas Gutierrez, U.S. Navy

Michael S. McGrory, U.S. Air Force

Judy Morgenstern, U.S. Air Force

Al Saucedo, U.S. Marine Corps

Lovelace Women’s Hospital

Christopher Anderson, U.S. Navy

Kathy Barker, U.S. Air Force

Kenneth Bozell, U.S. Air Force

Carly Brandenburg, U.S. Navy

Joseph Burton, U.S. Air Force

Ginger Ganschow (hospital volunteer), U.S. Army

Alan Garcia, U.S. Navy

Nicole Garcia, National Guard

Steve Griego, U.S. Navy

Nestor Gutierrez (hospital volunteer), U.S. Army

Keith Hays, U.S. Army

Miguel Herrera, U.S. Army

Terry Lutz, U.S. Army

Wendy McDaniel, U.S. Navy

Bill Minnich, U.S. Air Force

Timothy S. Mondragon, U.S. Marine Corps

Nathaniel Moorer III, U.S. Army

Konelio Mulitauapele, U.S. Army

Daniel Ortega, U.S. Army

Brandy Payne, U.S. Navy

Katherine Prince, U.S. Army, Army National Guard

Joel Petty, U.S. Army

Michael Welty, U.S. Army

Lovelace Westside Hospital

Danielle Aguino, U.S. Navy

Peter Beck, U.S. Navy

Brian Bullwinkle, U.S. Army

Tony Collins, U.S. Army Reserves

Robert Crowell, U.S. Army

Ross Floersheim, U.S. Army

Joe Gamboa, U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force

Debbie S. Johnson, U.S. Army

Kimberly Looney, U.S. Air Force

Mara Mannarino, U.S. Air Force

John McKnight, U.S. Air Force

Randel Pell, U.S. Air Force

Jacob Peterson, Army National Guard

Michael Piscitello, U.S. Navy

Matthew Pozun, U.S. Air Force

Kent Roman, U.S. Air Force

David Silva, U.S. Army

William Thornton (hospital volunteer), U.S. Air Force

Troy Veeder, U.S. Navy

Eileen Walling (hospital volunteer), U.S. Air Force

Laurie Wesoloski-Babcock, U.S. Air Force

Robert Valencia, U.S. Marines

Tom Vanness (hospital volunteer), U.S. Air Force

Marny Willey (hospital volunteer), U.S. Army


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