Senior Emergency Services

At Lovelace, we believe that seniors have earned the right to be treated with special attention. You’ll find the care you’ve earned at our Senior Care ER.

You’ll be welcomed by specially-trained geriatric emergency nurses dedicated to making you feel comfortable and safe. You’ll also find softer mattresses, better lighting, and quieter accommodations to make your time with us a lot easier. We even offer free valet parking so you won’t have to walk so far. Age does have its privileges at Lovelace. Special dedicated areas for treating senior patients are available at the Lovelace Medical Center and Lovelace Westside locations. 

Facts about our Emergency Room 

  • Board-certified emergency department physicians
  • Fast-track unit for minor care needs

Senior Care ER Features

  • Specially trained emergency nurses who are GENE-certified (Geriatric Emergency Nursing Education)
  • Rooms are located near the nurses station
  • Signs and clocks that are easier to read
  • Call lights that are easier to use
  • Softer lighting, soothing colors, and minimal noise
  • Thicker mattresses for added comfort
  • Easy in, easy out with free valet parking (available at Lovelace Medical Center only)
  • Follow up calls to check your progress and review after-care instructions

Tell us you’re coming! With the iTriage app, you can research your symptoms and check in to the ER. Click here for more information.