Had Prior Heart Issues?

Have you had prior heart treatments? You may still be at risk.

Even if you’ve been treated for a prior heart attack or if you’ve had other treatments for coronary artery disease, a heart attack CAN happen again. Treatments such as medications, open-heart surgery and interventional procedures DO NOT cure coronary artery disease, so it is still important to lead a healthy lifestyle.

There are lots of good treatments to help cut your risk of having another heart attack. Medicines are important. But you can also make changes yourself that will help you live a longer, healthier life.

Things you can do for yourself

If you smoke, try hard to stop. Smoking narrows the arteries and makes you more likely to have another heart attack. The medical team at Heart Hospital can help through a smoking cessation program. There are lots of treatments that can help you stop. You might not stop on your first try. But it’s important to keep trying. It could save your life.

Exercise improves stamina, strength, and makes you feel good. Over time, exercise makes your heart work better. It can also help you lose weight, if you need to. Our cardiac rehabilitation team can help you put together a safe exercise program. You may need to be supervised at first. Many people can continue to exercise safely on their own after a few weeks.

Taking part in a cardiac rehabilitation program can help you recover from your heart attack and keep your heart healthy. Cardiac rehabilitation will help you get better faster, get fit and make changes to your diet and lifestyle to reduce your risk of having another heart attack. You may also learn to manage stress or depression, if you feel bad. Research shows that people who survive a heart attack and then go on a cardiac rehabilitation program are likely to live longer. Everyone is different, so the rehabilitation team at Heart Hospital will plan a program that suits you. It may last six weeks, six months, or even longer. You need to be committed to taking part in the program for it to work properly.

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