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It’s all relative: Why is learning your family’s health history important?

Your family health history is a record of health conditions and treatments that you, your partner and each of your families have experienced. This information can help you find out if there are common medical issues in your families that may affect you or your children. Knowing your health histories before your baby is born can help your health care provider decide on care and treatments you may need during pregnancy that can improve the health of your baby. For some families, genetic counseling may be a part of their care during pregnancy.

In Honor of our Veterans

Thank you Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day on November 11, we would like to recognize Lovelace employees who have served our country in the armed forces.

Lovelace Medical Center

Shalena Bailey, U.S. Navy

Amber Brackett, U.S. Air Force

Tracey L. Cashman, U.S. Air Force

Greg Clark, U.S. Marines

John Cunningham, U.S. Marines

Darren Cde Baca, U.S. Navy

Doug DeButy, U.S. Air Force

Mary Frances Delira, U.S. Army Reserve

Christine Dunn, U.S. Army

Raphael Fields, U.S. Army

Lovelace Leadership Series with Lovelace Medical Center's Jarren Garrett

In the words of a man who embraced change, engaged the people around him and elicited self-discipline to emerge as one of America’s most influential historical figures and a founding father, “Well done is better than well said.” What Benjamin Franklin intended of that statement Lovelace Medical Center Chief Operating Officer Jarren Garrett seeks to achieve in the mission of caring for others every day.

Over-sanitizing during cold and flu season

Are we getting too stressed over germs? Will it actually help our children if we expose them to germs? What is the hygiene hypothesis? Earlier, we shared material on how to keep children safe from cold and flu germs, but there is another train of thought on the topic. Some experts and parents say that early exposure can contribute a stronger immune system. Which path should parents take? The answer is both.

Keeping germs at bay

Fall and winter bring sweaters, school, Canadian geese, holidays and…cold and flu season. Achoo! The Flu! Sanitizing and keeping kids away from germs can feel like a never ending battle. We have a few recommendations to keep kids healthy this cold and flu season. Remember that it is unavoidable that children come in contact with germs, but adding healthy hygiene habits can cut down on sick days for them and for you.

Health effects of compassion fatigue

Whether a disaster is manmade or caused by nature, we are impacted by these events occurring around the world. Between social media, network news reports and calls from loved ones, the human toll of these proceedings is on our minds for days and weeks on end.

Starting Your Brown Bag Lifestyle

If thinking about packing a lunch feels overwhelming, think about the control you can have over your health and budget if you take a few minutes of time to prepare meals for you and your family. You will save time in lines, have more control over portions and nutrition, and save money.  Yes, packing your lunch does take a little more effort than a drive through meal or standing in line in the cafeteria, but you and your family are worth this effort and there are huge health benefits in the long run.

Better grades and less bullying with baby as the teacher

Did you know you and your baby can help grade school students build relationships and emotional skills? Roots of Empathy is an evidence based program created to help children identify with another person’s feelings by identifying emotions they see in a baby. The long term focus of the program is to build the emotional capacity of the next generation. In the short term, it results in more respectful and caring relationships, as well as, reduces the levels of bullying and aggression.

Breastfeeding support in New Mexico

New Mexico is a breastfeeding-friendly state and there are resources across the state to ensure moms get the help they need when they need it. Starting in 1978, New Mexico passed legislation to help protect breastfeeding mothers in the state. These laws are to promote breastfeeding on-demand wherever mom and baby are. In that same year a law was passed for working moms too, that helps them to pump milk for their babies while they are away.

General surgery dynamic duo join Lovelace Medical Group

Two new general surgeons have joined Lovelace Medical Group: Dr. Timothy W. Perez, M.D., M.P.H. and Dr. David Hoang, M.D. Both are gifted surgeons who have worked together previously, giving them the experience to develop a partnership and depth of communication that will bring even more quality to their surgery practice for patients in New Mexico. They both also share the common mission of providing excellent care to their patients.